In 1985 I was sitting in a high school study hall and I realized that I hated high school and everything about it. This was an era when the pressure of attending college was high to obtain a degree. Many parents thought that the “game plan” was to go to college, get an education, find a job with a company (that would take care of you for the rest of your life) and then retire with a cushy pension. My parents did not know that I had other plans.

Growing up I remember spending many weekends on my family’s old houseboat on the Chesapeake Bay. We loved our family time on the water. I would look around in amazement at all the bigger and nicer boats and didn’t realize at the time that I had set my first life goal. I realized that the majority of these boat owners did not achieve this by having a job. They were business owners who enjoyed another way of life and learned how to have it all. They did not trade time for dollars. Interestingly, because of my love of the Chesapeake and the early lessons learned, I actually bought a little speed boat before even having the desire to drive a car! I was attending Community College and knew I had to change the direction of my life. Community College lasted 3 months because I knew higher education was not for me – I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur and create my own business and future.

Pete & Terrie in Rome, Italy

I spent the next few years in different sales positions. These opportunities helped me develop my “people skills”. At the age of 24, I found the perfect opportunity. I opened a business with my best friend. At the time, this was the perfect plan! After all, we were best friends; what could possibly go wrong??

In addition to riding all the ups and downs of the industry, I learned there were massive differences in values, decision-making processes and ultimately financial skills. After 4 years, I realized that I was in a toxic business partnership. I decided to leave with the full intention of leaving my partner in a better position than I. My confidence in my own ability to grow a business enabled me to do so. I left behind the receivables and the entire customer list I developed. I took only one of the three service trucks, we split the equipment and we agreed that our sole employee would work with me. I was reinventing my business without any cash or customers.

​A couple of years later. I found a girl who I thought was a perfect choice. I got married and had two amazing kids. And would you believe I found myself again in another toxic relationship? I gave that up too. I am so proud though of the 2 amazing young adults that are my kids and the relationships that I share with them.

My Introduction to Being Coached
I then found the love of my life and soul mate (Terrie). We have shared an amazing relationship and our 17-year honeymoon continues! We continue to grow healthier and happier together. We are always looking for ways to share more time together. I am grateful for her every day and she loves being my co-adventurer in this blessed life we have.

​Terrie and I embarked on a journey of self transformation. We immersed ourselves in the likes of Dale Carnegie, Joel Osteen, Larry Wilson, Robert Kyosaki, Michael Gerber, and others. We found mentors that resonated with us, followed them and learned from them. Through reading and studying their works, we began to absorb their work. More importantly though, we took action and integrated our newfound knowledge into our own daily lives. We understood without taking action and personal responsibility, all of our learning would be a waste of time.

I began attending seminars to broaden my own interests and self-growth. I have always loved real estate. I found Robyn Thompson and began attending her seminars. Marshall Sylver helped me finally quit a bad habit with hypnosis. After digging deeper, I reacquainted myself with Tony Robbins. Years prior I listened to one of his first CD programs and it caused me to re-evaluate my marriage. Well you know how that ended up. So Terrie and I were not in so good of a place where I thought we both needed a little kick in the ass. So we signed up for a weekend seminar. Through my experience of walking on fire with Tony, I realized that taking the first step is always the hardest. If I was able to take this step (by walking across 2000 degree coals), I can accomplish anything in life and apply this same concept to any of life’s challenges.

My awesome kids, Gia and Sal

How Coaching Changed My Life
By removing myself from the toxicity of a negative business partnership at the age of 24 (27 years ago) and subsequently delving deep into my inner being, I was able to learn what I am truly passionate about and what my greater purpose is in life. I finally understood this and massive shifts occurred in my life. I was able to reinvent my business again, enjoy a yacht on the Chesapeake Bay, free myself of the guilt I felt from not attaining a college degree and recover from a $600,000 debt (and now live debt-free). With the time management skills I have perfected, I enjoy doing more of what I love, including spending more time with my soulmate and family. So if you think a college education is expensive let me tell you how much the school of hard knocks cost! I wouldn’t change any of it though. It has shaped and molded me into the successful business person I am today. My life experiences and the work that I have done, have allowed me to grow and stretch beyond what I ever thought was possible or realistic.

Career Transformation & Business Coach
How I Can Help You
My specialty is career transformation, career coaching and professional coaching. I have an Associate Certified Coaching designation through the International Coaching Federation. In my lifetime, I have been blessed to have studied with some of the best, world-renowned coaches and continue to do so today. I combined my business acumen with my love of helping other professionals to help business people achieve their goals and the level of freedom that I now embrace.

​I will guide you on your journey through self-discovery so that you can lead the life you deserve to live. Give me a call today for your free consultation. I promise you that being on a path of never-ending growth and self discovery will make a life-changing impact on your life as it did on mine.


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